An unwavering commitment to rigorous science characterizes our culture, guiding our scientific and clinical integrity as well as our business principles. Credited with an impressive record of discoveries and firsts, the StemCells, Inc. team has a distinguished heritage of scientific achievement in stem cell biology.

In Vivo Veritas

Our science is driven by “in vivo veritas.” Work is never progressed without substantiation — from in vitro characterization through in vivo validation.

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True to our scientific rigor, we won’t call a cell a stem cell until we prove that it meets very stringent criteria — that is, the ability to, at a single cell level, self-renew and differentiate into all the major cell types of the organ from which the cell originated.

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Encouraging Innovation

At StemCells, our scientists follow the leads they uncover in the course of their research. One such foray led to the characterization and isolation of purified populations of human neural stem cells, which became the foundation for our CNS program. Another endeavor resulted in the first use of the NOD-scid mouse to create new models for neurodegenerative diseases in which we could test the effect of human cell transplantation.

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StemCells scientists are encouraged to publish and to collaborate on research projects for publication with academic partners.

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Imagination should give wings to our thoughts but we always need decisive experimental proof, and when the moment comes to draw conclusions and to interpret the gathered observations, imagination must be checked and documented by the factual results of the experiment.”

Louis Pasteur (1822-1895)